Posted: August 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

I return to the blog with the intent of posting more often. I’m trying to break through a certain threshold that would restrict my posting to moments when I’ve already formulated some specific, whole idea. The original intention was to get in the habit of posting whatever came to my mind, as I click new post, just to see what happens. So here we go. lol.

Something that has always fascinated me is the concept of how we experience reality. Or, at the very least, the concept that I’ve formed over time – it’s certainly not steeped in science, although I think that it’s at least instructed by science and further guided by reason. I hope.

I really enjoy thinking about how information is collected about reality in the first place, to later be processed in all sorts of ways. Our body is comprised by sensory devices, take the eyes, for instance, and this sensory information is produced by the way in which these sensory devices interact with reality.  For example, photons bouncing off of eye cells. And the brain is receiving a vast amount of information from these sensory devices, and all kinds of information from within the body as well, every second. Only a very small fraction of this information reaches consciousness.

Of course, in between the collection of this information and our conscious experience of it, there’s all sorts of processing happening to determine what we’re conscious of. Different kinds of filtering takes place, on a variety of levels… and, on a side note, it’s known that motivational factors play a role in what gets selected…

Ultimately, we experience. Or, in other words, we have an experience. Or, in yet another set of words, we are experience. The curious thing for me is how experience happens. I get the part about how information is collected and processed. But I don’t really grasp how it manifests from that information and from this construct of information processing. We can look around the room we’re sitting in and really, truly visualize the spatial dimensions we are inhabiting… But where within us is this sensation, where are the images we’re seeing?

It strikes me as an immaterial aspect of existence, although it’s just as likely that’s it’s simply some physical property that I don’t understand (not that I would understand it any more if it was immaterial). I feel like I have more to say on this, but perhaps another day. 😉


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