Well Now That’s Different

Posted: July 20, 2011 in Musings
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I read a really interesting story awhile ago. It seems there is this Congressmen from Illinois, Tim Johnson, who, in the effort of being a true representative of his constituents, calls them up, on his phone, every day. In his own words, he feels guilty if he hasn’t called at least one hundred in a day. He’s probably called most households in his Congressional district twice across the many years, a district with over 600,000 residents.  His personal record of calls in one day, over 1000, was achieved while vacationing in Hawaii. And he calls these people, day in and day out, just to open up a line of communication with them, gather opinions, make his presence known.

There were two other really amazing things to the story. On the one hand, if the current redistricting law is passed there and he’s once again reelected (never lost an election), the landscape of his district dramatically changes and maybe only 30% of the constituents he represents now will be in his area then. So he’ll have 500,000 new people to call.

The other interesting aspect was that he fasts for forty-eight hours a week.

It’s definitely amazing how different people can be from one another and how differently their lives can evolve over time. This guy really stands out as compared to the rest of his colleagues, and then compared to the rest of the people out there?

I certainly don’t idealize the guy in any kind of way, but it’s definitely novel and interesting, especially to contemplate what orientated him in this kind of direction.


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