Posted: July 19, 2011 in Musings
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I make my return to the blog after a bit of an absence with a tribute to a really cool fish. For some time now, our fish tank was blessed with the presence of a lively, blue, female beta fish who really struck at the boundaries of what to expect from a small fish in a tank, provided of course that this could simply be a faulty presumption in the first place.

One of the most endearing traits she exhibited was not only her radiant state of calmness when one would have one’s hands in the tank, vacuuming the gravel or scraping away the algae on the sides of the glass, but the degree to which she seemed to specifically seek out interaction with one. My girlfriend would delight in sticking her fingers in the tank while feeding the fish, with the beta swimming around her fingers playfully and not being bothered at all with being touched.

I suspect that this is common fair when it comes to betas, as I have a more faint memory of the nature of the history of their caretaking by humans, but yet it doesn’t subtract in any sort of way from the experience of growing to appreciate such subtle and more personable qualities of such a little fish.

Alas, we came to work one day and she couldn’t be found. No trace. Searched the floor around the tank, everywhere inside the tank. Vanished.

That night, I had a dream that we were looking at the tank (a very vivid, almost lucid dream, something which doesn’t happen all too frequently), and I think I was vacuuming the gravel. I nudged an area of rocks and, lo and behold, out sprang the beta. The most vibrant and permeating, psychedelic blue started spreading through the tank, and she was swimming back and forth vigorously, transformed into a greater form. Simply stunning!

The next day, we found her, at a very far distance from the fish tank. For some reason, she had jumped out. There’s a spot on the back of the tank that is uncovered. There was a kind of cover that has spots that were to be punched out for things like the filter to fit through, but the areas to be removed were completely impossible to cut out, and the only way we could put the filter in was to remove it entirely. It was an awful feeling to find her like that and to feel like she really needed us in the moment she jumped out and we weren’t there. Awful awful bummer.

Good bye, cool little blue fish!


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