Posted: July 6, 2011 in Musings
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As the cherry season here starts to wind down, with the time fast approaching in which we will no longer be able to find them in the fruit and vegetable market nearby, I thought I’d commemorate what was a wonderful spring/summer of cherries. I never managed to keep a count,  but we consumed kilograms and kilograms of what can only be deemed one of the most wonderful aspects of existence. Fortunately there are still cherries yet to be eaten, a load of them in the fridge as I type and the prospect that we might still find more, but it’s clear that the time has come and that the remaining cherries that might still be available probably won’t be of enough quality to make another purchase worth it.

I never grew up with cherries, but my girlfriend did, and she’s a complete freak for them, the more sour, the better. She would climb cherry trees and merrily gorge herself on them, an experience that I myself had as well, albeit with mulberries. No comparison there. Cherries are miraculously great.

I could, of course, go and find all kinds of health info from wiki or what-have-you, in order to provide some kind of substance to this post, but I don’t really see why it’d be worth it, considering that the only service I’m looking to provide here is whatever string of personal thoughts I contemplate in the moment I’m typing. No doubt, however, that cherries are some of the healthiest things to eat, and delighting ourselves with as many of them as possible all this time is definitely going to send our bodies off with a great boost into the rest of the year.

So, as the impression of cherries grows a bit more dim as the days go by (although that might not happen as we’ve considered establishing a cherry fund in which to make regular deposits for next year lol), I’d like to leave a sort of thanks to all of those awesome trees, growing somewhere, for providing us with their bounty, and to also keep in mind that there’s always walnut season. 🙂


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