Fly By Night And Debate

Posted: July 2, 2011 in Musings
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It’s best to understand that I’ll be using this blog more in terms of “fly-by posts”, meaning that I’m trying to adjust to posting frequently, rapidly, trying to balance 😀 expressing at least a somewhat quality idea or two with not taking a lot of time to reflect, assemble, revise. Thus, if it seems that parts might be a bit sloppy, not tied together in quite the right way, or something else of this nature, you know why.

It’s also a part of the aforementioned trying to adapt to the idea of this blog being completely free-form. A few years ago, I was actively and heavily posting in a debate orientated forum on the topics of philosophy, spirituality, psychology. I developed a pretty effective groove in being able to put together solid posts that went through all sorts of internal screening and verifications before posting, in the view of anticipating responses and being prepared to counter them before they were presented, in following through on the expressed ideas to ensure that they had a decent basis, and other tests and changes before subjecting the ideas to the criticism of others. My participation in the forum in this manner had a duration of several years, during which I also moderated for a while, and it’s really the singular reason that I was able to develop my mind and my perspective in the manner in which I did. Now I want the freedom to just output all kinds of stuff, anything, and then see where it goes.

Which isn’t to say that I wouldn’t love to receive all sorts of comments, spurring all sorts of critiques or debate. (Wow, strong deja vu just now lol). I’d even be open to turning this into a sort of forum somewhere down the road, with people being able to create users and giving them permissions to start new threads. lol. It’s evident that I’m getting far too ahead of myself, judging by the fact that I haven’t even received a single comment yet (although apparently at least one unaccounted for individual has read something from this blog… *strokes beard*).

Ahh, why Fly By Night? Because the idea of “fly-by posts” reminded me of, indubitably, the Rush song. 😉


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