Finding Balance

Posted: July 1, 2011 in Musings
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How does one find balance in their life? Clearly it refers to being able to adjust one’s positioning, to be centered in respect to all sorts of variables and influences in one’s life. So these variables that are present in our life are affecting us in all sorts of ways, of course never staying constant, always changing, and we face all of that and also decide how to act as a result, presumably to maintain our balance.

So certainly that which constitutes balance being achieved is a personal, subjective thing, defined by our interests and motivations. To balance ourselves, we change ourselves and we change those variables that are also changing us. How do we know if we’re pulling it off? All those variables are changing, coming at us in all sorts of waves. It would make sense that what would be defined by us as being in a state of balance and harmony could actually be what’s leading us to tomorrow’s disorder without footing. It’s kinda hard to define whether or not we’re balancing ourselves if all the constant influx of change from reality as a whole doesn’t really leave us with a sense of where we are or in accordance with what we’re balanced!

What’s balance for you and how do you achieve it?


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